Making art more accessible to all

Our mission is to make art more accessible by enabling any space to become an art gallery. We partner with various locations around London, allowing their patrons and visitors to seamlessly interact with and buy artwork by UK-based emerging and established contemporary artists.

Kabalan Gaspard founded Thy Art in 2019. When trying to buy his first painting, he was frustrated with the complexity and lack of transparency of the traditional way of buying art from galleries and art fairs, which led to the birth of Thy Art.

Kabalan's love for mathematics from a young age led him to be passionate about art, finding inherent beauty in both. Prior to founding Thy Art, Kabalan worked in leading management consulting and technology firms.

Martha May Ronson is a London-based business consultant, artist coach and online course creator, and runs a successful business helping visual artists to reach their potential and establish themselves as a business.

Prior to running her business, Martha worked in commercial contemporary art galleries in London and New York. She acts as an advisor for Thy Art, leading artist relations.

Erica Zelante is a photographer, social media manager and content creator. She graduated in Photography and Visual Communication in Padua (Italy) where she specialized in developing contents to create storytelling in the field of visual identity. She has been working in the art world since 2016, when she became vice-president of the EATART cultural association in the city of Venice, Italy.

Erica holds an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the University of the Arts of London.